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District Accelerator

Downtowns and Main Streets struggle with vacancy and lack of vitality. They have been trying the same cookie-cutter, institutional solutions for 40 years and each year they need more budget to keep playing the same tricks.Enough is enough, right? Let's get some common sense Economics moving into town and bring enlist the help of beauty and entrepreneurship.Studies show that people react better when a place looks great. They also show that grassroots, Bottom Up efforts are more sustainable.Storefront Mastery's District Accelerator guides downtown and main street administrators towards consolidating the individual efforts of their members to position their districts as beautiful, vibrant and attractive.

How do we do that?

The District Accelerator service has two components. A strategic push to help local organizations to identify assets, establish the theme of the district and determine the best places to implement small physical improvements.The individual business component works directly with any number of selected businesses to improve their storefronts, develop new products or create services to complement their current offer, in an effort to make them more engaging and a better integrated part of their community and district.

The way it works is simple. A local agency that has member businesses and the capacity to embark in Placemaking projects creates the strategic component to guide their efforts, and can add as many businesses as desired to make the desired impact. The strategy has a one-time fee, and the number of businesses involved can vary according to your specific needs, so the cost of the program is tailored to the number of businesses that will participate.

Our alumni become our friends and this is what they say about us

To me, Jaime is a bit of a "horse whisperer". I had an idea, and when I look at my store today, it is a pure expression of that. Jaime was critical in the process of unlocking and transforming this idea, he listened and guided and what was at first seemed like an overwhelming process worked out great. I'm so honored that he chose to work with me.

Papillon & Company
Metuchen NJ

This "sacred mealtime experience" invites and guides our customers to actively participate and create a deeply meaningful experience for their families. Jaime's community experience, understanding and love shines through his work brilliantly.
This was a path of true evolution, transformation and deep creativity. It was truly joyful and powerful emotionally and from a pure value creation model.
Love Jaime and Storefront Mastery!

Mesob Restaurant
Montclair NJ

What do you get when you bring the Accelerator to your district?

Strategic Component

What it consists on: The first part is a physical assessment of commercial corridors to determine their cohesion, attractiveness and establish high-level strategic and design recommendations for both district-wide and individual storefront actions.The second part is a workshop where the organization and local businesses are provided with tools and tactics to collaborate in the creation of an epic, fun and unforgettable place.From both experiences emerges a set of recommendations to make the district more visible, recognizable and attractive that may include branding upgrades, physical interventions, new business recruitment, establishment of design or activation guidelines, and organizational reassessments.How it helps: by looking at both the district as a whole and its individual components, the accelerator provides local organizations with the tools to intervene in their districts and to guide local businesses in their contributions to the quality of public spaces.What will I get for this service? The District Accelerator includes two sessions: a talk outlining tools and tactics to create legendary districts, and use cases that have success stories, and a workshop-style walkthrough and collective creation of amazing downtown experiences. A report that includes the strategic and institutional recommendations will be delivered after the workshop.

One time fee, starting at $5,000.00. The fee for the District Accelerator is $5,000.00, which covers two sessions, all materials and the workshop. The fee includes any travel and other expenses that may incur in the delivery of the service.

Individual Business Component

What it consists on: a dedicated store visit and coaching through the Storefront Accelerator program to reimagine individual businesses and guide you through the implementation of a new store design, product or service, so your business can become a legendary experience.How it helps: by providing the tools to accurately translate the business owner’s vision into a finished design or a new product or service, it uses their skills and knowledge about their business as drivers for an epic upgrade.What will I get for this service? A report that includes an assessment of current conditions, recommendations to create a new design, product, service or experience, and precedents to illustrate the recommendations.Click on the images below to see the contents of a sample Small Business Accelerator Report:

The Small Business Accelerator starts at $2,200 per individual business, including one-on-one workshop and full report with design recommendations.

You may not know this but...

I literally wrote the book on storefront design.
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